How To Grow Annual Flowers From Seed – 4 Beautiful Annuals That Grow Fast!

How To Grow Annual Flowers From Seed – 4 Beautiful Annuals That Grow Fast! : Planting annuals is one of the finest methods to add color to your flower gardens because they grow quickly and bloom all season long. Compared to purchasing plants from a garden center, starting several of these species from seeds is much easier, less expensive, and offers you a wider variety of intriguing options.


How To Grow Annual Flowers From Seed – 4 Beautiful Annuals That Grow Fast! 

Even though maintaining and caring for gardens is always vital, these flowers should be simple enough for both novice and experienced gardeners to handle. These simple annuals may be grown from seed, and we’ve included some advice on when and how to sow them.



1. Marigold

Marigolds have vivid yellow, orange, and red flowers that are difficult to dislike. Fortunately, this is among the easiest annual plants to grow. Once the final frost date has passed, you can directly plant marigold seeds in the garden. When starting seeds indoors, plant them 1/8th of an inch deep. Seek find sprouts in a week or so.



2. Bachelor’s Button

Bachelor’s button is a pretty annual that thrives in blue, pink, and purple hues. It works well in hot, dry environments. These flowers are ideal for bouquets of cut and dried flowers. Sprouts should appear in one to three weeks after you plant the seeds, which should be planted approximately one-eighth inch deep. Six to eight weeks prior to the final date of spring frost, you can plant seeds indoors; alternatively, you can sow them outside on that very day.



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3. Castor Bean

Even in northern Zones, the quickly maturing castor bean plant can grow from a tiny seed to a specimen that is ten feet tall by the end of the growing season. Six to eight weeks before the last day of the spring frost, plant the seed in indoor pots, starting approximately a half-inch deep. The seed will normally grow in one to three weeks. Wait till the soil has warmed up before planting the seed outside.



4. Cleome

Clome, also known as spider flower, is a beautiful plant for a cottage garden. Fragrant blossoms in shades of white, pink, magenta, and purple spike up from the stem. It’s so simple that it almost launches by itself! In fact, it self-seeds year after year in many flower beds. Since the seeds need light to germinate, start these annuals inside six to eight weeks before the typical last frost date. They don’t need to be covered. Alternatively, you can sow the seeds straight into the garden, but you’ll want to wait for the ground to warm. Usually, cleome seeds take one to two weeks to sprout.



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