How To Divide Hostas In The Spring – Create New Plants For Free!

How To Divide Hostas In The Spring – Create New Plants For Free! :  One of the best ways to maintain the health and strength of your hostas is to divide them every three to five years. Spring is the ideal time to divide, as it allows you to produce an abundance of new hosta plants that will help fill your flowerbeds for free this summer!


How To Divide Hostas In The Spring – Create New Plants For Free! 

Hostas usually grow best in partial to full shade, while a few types may withstand a little more sun. They give flowerbeds that receive more shade than sun a great deal of interest and color thanks to their huge leaf canopy.



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How To Divide Hostas In The Spring

While you can dig up and divide hostas at any time during the growth season, there are a lot of benefits to dividing in the spring as opposed to the summer and fall.

To begin with, you may access your plants without dealing with overgrowth if you divide in the early spring. Furthermore, you can transplant divisions early in the season, allowing them to reach their full growth and typically even flower the same year, by dividing before or as they first emerge.


Spring Dividing

Since most plants don’t have leaves in the early spring, digging up plants might occasionally be a little challenging. Now is the perfect time to remove any rotting leaves that you neglected to do so last fall. Most leaves will just pull off at the base, so there’s typically no need to trim them off.

After removing all of the foliage, gently brush back the soil to identify your hosta plants’ edges. Although it is preferable to do this before the plant has begun to send foliage through the crowns, dividing it now won’t harm the hosta.


Dig around the crown’s edge a few inches with a pointed spade. After cutting around the perimeter, lower your shovel a few inches near the edge and raise up.

Hostas have shallow roots, yet they can weave tightly and be difficult to remove from the soil, especially after a long time. However, flexible edges should make lifting the plant easy.



Dividing The Plants – How To Divide Hostas In The Spring

Divide the plant after it’s out of the ground. Sharp spades or garden knives make cutting the plant into fresh portions easiest. Garden knives are ideal for all garden tasks if you’ve never used one!

Garden knives with large serrated blades cut roots and soil effortlessly. They make even plant and root division easy. They cut string, weeds, and huge roots well. Affiliate Link: Hori Hori Garden Knife

Split existing plants according to the size of the plants you want in your beds. A two-to-three-inch plant segment typically grows to an 8-12″ diameter in its first year.



Transplanting Hostas – How To Divide Hostas In The Spring

Transplanting hostas the same day as digging them up works best. They are very hardy, but the sooner you plant them, the faster they will root and grow.

Using only a shovel, transplanting is easy. Dig a hole twice the cutting diameter and depth. Loosening the soil around the roots lets them grow.

Place the crown top 1/2 to 1 inch below the soil line when planting. Finish planting by filling the hole and covering the roots with earth. Compost can be added to the hole, although hostas don’t need much nutrients.



What To Do With Extra Plants – How To Divide Hostas In The Spring

As previously said, hostas thrive in containers on shady decks, porches, and patios. With their large leaf canopy, the plants thrive in the protected, gloomy location and look tropical.

Create a small holding bed for additional plants if you have too many divisions to plant. This works well in a vegetable garden corner or row. They’re useful as gifts or to fill summer flowerbed gaps.

Divide and transplant your hostas in spring. And for additional color and life in your flowerbeds this year.



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