Does Your Jade Plant Need Repotting?

Does Your Jade Plant Need Repotting?  :Here’s how to determine if repotting a jade plant into a bigger container is necessary. Get professional advice on repotting ficus trees as well.


Does Your Jade Plant Need Repotting?


Repotting a Jade Plant

Should I think about moving my jade plant to a larger container? querying reader Sandy Crooms of Birds & Blooms

According to Melinda Myers, a garden specialist, succulents and cacti have modest root systems compared to their size of above-ground growth. When a plant is moved too frequently or kept in a container that is too large, the potting mix may remain moist, which can cause root rot. When the roots start to encircle the rootball or when fresh development is stunted, it’s time to transplant. Although it looks as though it has settled in the container, your jade plant seems to be prospering. There’s no issue with this. To correct this, some gardeners like to fill the pot with more dirt. To start, fill the bottom of the container with a small amount of fresh cactus and succulent potting mix. Then, place the rootball on top of the extra potting mix, loosening the roots as necessary. (PS: This tells you how to choose the ideal potting soil for each kind of plant.) A fresh soil level that is 1/2 to 1 inch below the container lip is appropriate.



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Ficus Elastica (Rubber Tree) Repotting

Q: What’s this plant, and should it be repotted? queries Kristen Eppley, a reader of Birds & Blooms

“How fortunate to have a large rubber tree (Ficus elastica), especially one that has flowered,” remarks Melinda. It would be advantageous to repot. (Your plant wasn’t moved in time. Here is a fix for a plant that is root bound.) To avoid root rot, move it to a container that is only one size bigger. This is because an oversized pot retains more dirt and stays wet for longer. When the days are longer and the light is stronger in the early spring, you might choose to postpone repotting your rubber tree. The plant will heal from the repotting process more rapidly in the more sunny growing circumstances.


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