6 Fascinating Facts About Poinsettias

6 Fascinating Facts About Poinsettias : Do you want to appear like a botanist? Share these interesting poinsettia facts with the people gathered around your Christmas dinner table this year.


6 Fascinating Facts About Poinsettias

The most popular Christmas flower has an intriguing past and peculiar development patterns. This year, share these interesting poinsettia facts with your loved ones.


Poinsettia History in Mexico

Those who know even basic poinsettia facts can tell you these plants come from Mexico. They have a long history there. Aztecs made red dye from the plants and used the milky sap medicinally. When Christianity was introduced by Europeans, poinsettias came to be associated Christmas almost immediately.

Legend tells of a poor young Mexican girl named Pepita who wished to give a present to baby Jesus at the Christmas service. Her cousin Pedro encouraged her, saying, “Even small gifts given with love make Jesus happy.” With nothing else to give, she pulled a handful of flowering weeds from the side of the road and laid them at the altar. Moments later, they transformed into brilliant red blooms—surely a miracle.



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From Mexico to the World

Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first Mexican ambassador, was appointed in 1825. He sent cuttings of poinsettias home to South Carolina since he was so enamoured with them. Every year, he would send them to friends and relatives from there. Prominent botanist John Bartram was one of these pals, and it was he who sold them at the Philadelphia Flower Show and made them known to the rest of the globe. Poinsettias have come to represent Christmas worldwide over time.



Tiny Flowers and Colored Leaves

Poinsettias’ red “flowers” aren’t really flowers at all. The plant’s little yellow blossoms are hidden in the middle of each leaf cluster. The bracts are the colourful leaves. The leaves are green at first and get bigger during the majority of the year. When the plant receives at least 12 hours of total darkness per day, they start to turn crimson. The tiny blooms may not be recognised by pollinators if they are not attracted to them by coloured bracts.



Butterflies Love Poinsettia Flowers

In relation to pollinators, poinsettia flowers are a favourite among butterflies. To attract butterflies to your garden, put your poinsettias outside if you reside in a warmer climate with no frosts or freezes.



Poinsettias Don’t Like Cold Winter Weather

Poinsettias bloom their best in high humidity, so keep your plant away from cold drafts.



Poinsettias Are Not Poisonous

Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are not especially toxic. Despite the sap’s slight toxicity and potential for stomach upset, poinsettia consumption has not been linked to any human or animal fatalities. According to studies, a 50-pound youngster would actually need to consume 500 leaves before they would be seriously harmed. It seems doubtful that a youngster or cat would take more than one bite of poinsettia due to its strong bitterness.


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