6 Breathtaking Blue Hydrangea Bushes to Grow

6 Breathtaking Blue Hydrangea Bushes to Grow: The flowers that are grown in the garden have a significant predilection for the color blue. This preference is reflected in the blossoms. You might want to give these blue hydrangea bushes a shot if you are searching for a color that is certain to grab your attention and produce enormous blossoms.



6 Breathtaking Blue Hydrangea Bushes to Grow

Nikko Blue Hydrangea

This particular variety of bigleaf hydrangea is responsible for producing extraordinarily large mophead bloom clusters. It is possible that these clusters will have a pink or blue tint, but this will be determined by the density of the soil.

The sturdy stems guarantee that your flowers will not fall over, and the bark that peels and offers interest during the autumn and winter months is a great way to decorate your garden. The inclusion of this plant as a specimen plant would be beneficial to the landscaping scheme that you have in place.


Let’s Dance Rhythmic Blue

Is it difficult for you to determine whether it is the right time to prune your hydrangeas? It is to your good fortune that this one does not call for any form of pruning at all! Even more impressive is the fact that it was cultivated specifically to endure the severe winters that are typical in the Midwest. During the course of several months, blooms that have a deep blue color will be produced by plants that have been planted in soil that is acidic.


Blue Enchantress

In spite of the fact that you will be captivated by the splendor of the flowers, which are ideal for bouquets and arrangements, you must not overlook the exquisite stems, which are a deep ruby red hue. In the beginning, flowers that are grown in alkaline soils have a blue or pink color, but as time passes, they change into a greenish-cream color overall.


Seaside Serenade Cape Cod

Reblooming and having a lot of curb appeal, this blue hydrangea with two contrasting tones is a beautiful addition to any garden. Despite the fact that it can survive in some shade, it prefers to be in a location that is exposed to sunshine in the morning. By planting a selection of these shrubs together, it is possible to create a border that is quite stunning.

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Let’s Dance Sky View

A brand new arrival for the year 2023 is this hydrangea that is a sky blue color. Before maturing into a pure blue color, the blooms bloom with centers that have a light green color. For those gardeners who have struggled in the past to get hydrangeas to bloom, this is a more dependable option to consider.


Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha

The baby blue mountain hydrangea is a more resilient option for gardeners who are located in regions with cooler growth conditions. While it continues to bloom on need wood during the entire season, you can relax and take in the show. We are in awe of the flower petals’ fanciful shape, which is reminiscent of a waterlily.

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