11 Nectar Plants for Hummingbirds You Are not Growing Yet

11 Nectar Plants for Hummingbirds You Are not Growing Yet : Birds like hummingbirds are like flying acrobats in nature. Their bright feathers and quick flight attract people to gardens. Planting a range of flowers that are high in nectar might help you get these cute animals to come to your yard.


11 Nectar Plants for Hummingbirds You Are not Growing Yet

Many people choose well-known nectar plants like trumpet vine and bee balm, but there are many more waiting to be found. With this guide, we’ll show you 11 beautiful nectar plants that will attract hummingbirds to your garden.


1. Coral Honeysuckle

Coral honeysuckle is a native North American plant that is valued for its groups of tube-shaped flowers that are coral in color.


Adding this plant to your yard or trellis is a cute idea because hummingbirds love the sweet nectar and bright flowers.

With its annual leaves and long blooming season, coral honeysuckle is beautiful all year and gives these tiny birds food.


2. Cardinal Flower

The bright red cardinal flower stands out in the late summer yard and gets its name from the way its feathers look.


Hummingbirds love its tube flowers and quickly drink the juice from its red blooms.

Cardinal flower should be planted in wet, partially shaded places to make a beautiful focal point that hummingbirds will come from far away to see.


3. Red Hot Poker

The red hot poker is the cherry of the summer yard. Its torch-shaped flowers are shades of red, orange, and yellow.


Hummingbirds are drawn to the tube flowers because they have a lot of nectar when the plants are at their best.

When you plant red hot poker in soil that drains well, you can watch hummingbirds dart among its fiery flowers.


4. Salvia ‘Black and Blue

Salvia ‘Black and Blue’ stands out in the yard because its flowers are a deep blue color and have black petals.


Its tube blooms, which are full of nectar all summer, are so appealing to hummingbirds that they can’t stay away.

Place this beautiful salvia plant in full sun to part shade, and hummingbirds will be drawn to its unique flowers.


5. Penstemon ‘Husker Red’

‘Husker Red’ is another penstemon that hummingbirds love. This annual beauty has spikes of tube flowers in pink and white, and the leaves are a beautiful bronzy red color.

“Husker Red” grows best in well-drained soil, and its blooms last for a long time. From spring to summer, they are a welcome treat for hummingbirds.


6. Bee Balm ‘Jacob Cline’

Bee balm is a standard nectar plant that hummingbirds love for its lots of flowers and spicy smell. “Jacob Cline” is a very strong type with groups of bright red flowers that hummingbirds can see from far away.

You can plant bee balm anywhere from full sun to partial shade, and all summer long you can enjoy its beautiful color and scent.


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7. Fuchsia

Fuchsias are known for their pink, purple, and red flowers that hang down like gems from stalks that fall behind them.


Hummingbirds often visit fuchsia flowers because they are beautiful and have lots of juice.

Put fuchsias in pots or hanging baskets so that their flowers fall over. Hummingbirds will love the flowers all season long.


8. Columbine

Columbines are pretty plants with small flowers with spurs that sway gently in the wind. Hummingbirds are drawn to their nectar-filled blooms, which come in blue, purple, pink, and white, among others.

Plant columbines in part-shade to make a garden hideaway that looks like a forest and will make you and the hummingbirds that come to visit happy.


9. Agastache

Agastaches, which are also called hyssops or hummingbird mints, are loved for their fragrant leaves and tube-shaped flowers.


Hummingbirds love to visit agastache flowers because they have sweet juice that comes in shades of orange, pink, and purple.

Agastaches grow best in dirt that doesn’t stay soggy. Their flowers last a long time and are a treat for hummingbirds all summer long.


10. Lobelia

Lobelias can be grown as annuals or perennials. They have spikes of tube flowers that open in blue, purple, pink, and white.


Hummingbirds are drawn to their nectar-filled flowers, which are an important source of food for them in the summer.

Lobelias can be grown in pots, along paths, or in hedges to make a bright tapestry of color that will attract butterflies and other garden visitors.


11. Cuphea

Cupheas, which are also called cigar plants or firecracker plants, are small shrubs with flowers that look like little cigars or firecrackers.

Hummingbirds are drawn to cuphea flowers because they have a lot of red, orange, and purple juice. Cupheas can be grown in yard beds or pots to make a beautiful show that will bring hummingbirds all summer long.



By adding these 11 nectar plants to your yard, you can make it a safe place for hummingbirds and watch their beautiful flying tricks up close. Each of these plants, from coral honeysuckle to cuphea, has its own special mix of color, scent, and nectar that will make you and the birds that come to visit happy. Why wait then? Bring hummingbirds into your outdoor oasis today to add to the colors in your yard.

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