10 of the Best Daffodil Bulbs to Plant

10 of the Best Daffodil Bulbs to Plant : Daffodils, whether traditional or unusual, are a surefire way to brighten any garden. Plant these bulbs of daffodils in the fall for springtime blooming in the sun.


10 of the Best Daffodil Bulbs to Plant 

The Best Daffodil Bulbs

Try daffodil! From elegant to offbeat, daffodils brighten every garden. Buy bulbs early for the best choices, plant in fall, and enjoy flowers for many springs. Start with our favorite daffodil bulbs. Daffodils have varied heights, colors, and forms.

The numerous names these spring flowers have—daffodil, narcissus, and jonquil—may surprise you. English-speakers call the plants daffodil. Narcissus is the group’s scientific name and common name among gardeners. Famous jonquils include Baby Moon, Beautiful Eyes, Lemon Sailboat, Yellow River, Sherborne, and Martinette. Jonquils feature pointed leaves and one to three little scented flowers per stalk.


Early October is best for planting daffodil bulbs before the first frost. Best spring bulb planting advice? Place bulbs twice as deep as tall. Choose a daffodil bulb that thrives in your plant zone. (See our instructions to determine your plant zone.


1. Actaea

Its characteristic appearance, which consists of big white petals around short trumpets with a red rim, makes this member of the poeticus group stand out in the garden. It multiplies easily, has an amazing scent, and produces a beautiful cut flower.


2. Tête-à-Tête

Without the wildly popular Tête-à-Tête miniature daffodil, a top 10 list would be incomplete. Its buttery yellow blossoms make this spring bloom visible even from a distance, despite its small 5 to 8-inch height. For an added pop of color, bring them inside, grow them in containers, or include them into perennial arrangements.


3. Cool Flame

This pretty bloom will give your early or midspring garden a unique touch. This large-cupped cultivar has a brilliant crimson trumpet and snow-white petals.


4. Cheerfulness

Among the various variants that set them apart from the classic yellow daffodils is cheerfulness. The fragrant double flowers bloom in late April.


5. Golden Bells

Observe closely how the trumpets on this plant curve downward to understand the origin of its name. (The plant is known by the name Narcissus bulbocodium.) Golden Bells, often called hoop skirts or hoop petticoats daffodils, thrive in medium to well-drained soils, full sun, or partial shade.



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6. Avalanche

In southern gardens, these medium-sized daffodils have long been favorites. Similar to paperwhites, they produce clusters of 10 to 20 tiny white and yellow blooms that are pleasantly scented. To really make them pop, plant them with vibrant pansies or tulips.


7. Pipit

Even though Pipit is the tallest of them at 14 inches, don’t ignore him. The tiny, star-shaped blooms have white centers and a golden hue that fades to a creamy white. They will thrive in your yard and are simple to grow.




Add some color to your moon garden with this springtime blossom. Particularly in the South, the narrow petals make an excellent backdrop for trumpets pointing outward, and they are quite easy for novice gardeners to grow. The heritage of this aromatic heirloom dates back to 1916.


9. Tahiti

This heat-resistant, long-lasting daffodil will bring out the tropical aspect of your environment. Tahiti stands out in the garden thanks to its red-orange ruffles that accentuate sunny blossoms.


10. Dutch Master

Traditionalists adore the traditional golden daffodil, Dutch Master. Unsurpassable is a trumpet cultivar that thrives in both northern and southern climates and is a good choice for an earlier bloomer.

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